The Highest And Lowest Paying Remote Jobs In 2022

Axelerant is a software company that helps companies work with open-source platforms such as Drupal. The vacancy it offers is a flexible position, and responsibilities include leading the development team for Axelerant’s website and application and supporting clients with hands-on advice. Also, confirm with each employer whether they put any restrictions on location for their remote employees. For example, some fully-remote jobs will require that you stay within your home country while working.

There are completely different virtual jobs that didn’t make this list. Well, product managers are slightly different but can also work virtually in many cases, and it’s not uncommon for workers in this field to earn $100,000 or above after building up their skills for a few years. If the hurdles to enter this field seem too much, keep reading for more options of easier high-paying remote jobs/careers. Data science is one of the best and highest-paying remote jobs you’ll find, but it’s not an easy job to perform or an easy field to break into. One of the world’s largest job boards for remote work, Remote OK, shares data regularly on the top-paying and lowest-paying remote jobs. The data is pulled from the company’s database, which includes more than 11,000 jobs posted in the last 24 months.

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Either way, don’t quit your job or do anything else drastic without taking time to really think about the best path forward for your individual situation. It is common for applicants to have bachelor’s degrees in related fields, such as communications, journalism or advertising. According to research published by the Pew Research Center in July, around one-in-five workers said they were somewhat or very likely to pursue new career opportunities in the coming six months.

  • Successful applicants secured an average salary of around $142,170 in 2020, with the lowest-paid 25% still earning around $101,690.
  • The vacancy it offers is a flexible position, and responsibilities include leading the development team for Axelerant’s website and application and supporting clients with hands-on advice.
  • As long as you get the job done at the right time, there is absolutely no problem.
  • This is what web designers do, and they can earn a great income completely remotely.
  • An E-commerce Manager oversees the online sales platform of a business, optimizing product listings, user experience, and marketing strategies to drive online revenue and customer satisfaction.
  • Mainly insurance companies hire actuarial analysts for their risk predictions.
  • Depending on your occupation, you may be able to earn the same as you would in an on-site role.

If you don’t have any prior skills, consider the type of background employers look for when hiring for the job, and the competition you’ll be up against. Typically, the salesperson will “hand-off” the clients to an account manager once they’re brought on board, so the salesperson can return to just selling. Companies pay well for this type of work because a lot is riding on your success in the position. If you keep your clients happy, they’ll stay for many months or years and continue to pay for whatever it is your business provides. Even the top content writers charge 40 cents per word or more if working freelance, or earn a salary at or near six figures if working full-time for a single company. When I worked as a job recruiter, I was recruiting “medical writers”.


Art directors need a bachelor’s degree in art or a related area and previous work experience. Business analysis is one of the highest-paying remote jobs for business majors. Many people believe that the role of a business analyst lies in making money for the company, but they do more than that.

They offer flexible working opportunities – full time, part-time or contract mode of working. You can sort out the highest paying remote jobs as per the salary ranges and type of employment. The recruitment is done majorly from different regions of the world as per the preferred job descriptions.

What is the highest paying work from home job?

Cyber security is a fast-growing field with a high average salary and great job prospects/job security looking forward. Since data scientists work primarily from a computer, there’s no reason that this job can’t be done remotely. Data analysts collect, clean, and interpret data to help organizations make better business decisions. The daily tasks and responsibilities of a data analyst tend to be computer-based and well-suited for remote work. Social media marketers leverage social media platforms, like Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok, to attract new customers and engage with existing ones.

highest paid remote jobs

The data sometimes comprises of usage of a product or service by different human sectors. It can include the impact of any changes on a product or service on human lives, environment etc. The most in-demand remote jobs include customer service representative, virtual assistant, tutor, project manager and web developer.

Plus you’d be joining over 4.7 million people that work remotely at least half the time in the United States and the 16% of companies globally that are fully remote, according to remote work statistics. As a system developer, you build things like networks and computer systems that users need, while as an application developer, you design software that the end-user interacts with. The earning capacity of a freelance translator is dependent on the number of clients and the agreed rate. Some freelance translators charge per word while others charge per hour, but a translator earns an average of $46,000 per year. An app developer is a computer engineer who creates and tests programming apps for computers, mobile phones, and tablets. As an application developer, your tasks involve designing, creating, deploying, and updating programs for a device.

highest paid remote jobs

But what is a good salary, and how can you make a better income if your salary is low? After a job search and interview process, you’ve received a job offer. Here are five steps to accept the job offer and make this new career opportunity official. The job market has never changed as much (or as drastically) as it has over the past few years.